Programs (Coming Soon)

innocence MAINTAINED Program

For those currently incarcerated. The Innocence Maintained Program provides exoneration assistance such as investigative work, funding for polygraphs, help filling out forms and directing to the proper channels. We will work closely with family and do the “legwork” that is vital to a speedy exoneration.

For those about to be or recently exonerated. Orientation and case management to help with re-acclimation into society. Help with finding housing, securing transportation, opening accounts, and more. We want to make your transition smooth and uncomplicated. Call 517 220 3004 Ask for our Intake Specialist Dwight Harris

Post exoneration support


For exonorees and their families. We will offer individual counseling services for exonerees. We will also offer group meetings where you can meet and have discussions with people in similar situations. There will be monthly groups available for family members to gather as well.

Counseling services


Financial SUSTAINABILITY classes

For exonorees. We will offer monthly classes that aim to help you spend your money wisely. topics will include credit repair, smart investing, long term savings development, financial literacy, cash vs credit analysis, and more.


Innocence Awareness initiative

Innocence Maintained is dedicated to spreading the message of how pertinent wrongful conviction is today in America. There are many groups doing important work, helping to clear the names of wrongful convicted people. We hope to build on what they have accomplished by sharing our own stories of innocence. According to The Innocence Project approximately 2%-5% of prisoners are actually innocent. That means up to 100,000 Americans are currently being punished for crimes they did not commit. Our Innocence Awareness initiative aims to shed light on this injustice. We believe that as more people become aware this is happening, it will happen less frequently.